Time to invest in your own career?

If you during your study have the time and interest to put theory into action and see how things work in real life, you should aim for a part-time job at Nordea.

Put theory into practice

As a student employee in Nordea Markets Denmark you are typically employed for 20 hours a week (some less and some more). In most positions you are able to put in the hours according to your schedule at school, because we think it is important that you focus on your studies and maximise the outcome.

You are challenged professionally and you will participate in business-critical projects and processes every day. In the Markets area in Denmark we have over 30 student positions. All our students put a lot of effort into making Nordea the most successful bank in Europe.

A student position is an excellent opportunity to try out the working environment we offer. And it gives you a very good insight into the financial market and what it takes, in order for you to set the right direction for your own career.


Put theory into practice

Every year Nordea Markets in Denmark invites a few students to join us for a period of eight weeks during the summer.

Summer interns in Denmark are normally hired to run a specific project which can be done within the eight weeks. This could be to analyse an opportunity, build a financial model or help a customer team. We believe this is the most motivating and best opportunity for you and it also adds most value for Nordea. For you as a student this is an opportunity to see and feel how it is to work in Markets. It is also a chance to show your potential as a possible future long-term student employee and as a future graduate.

Normally our summer intern positions are posted for an open application process on nordea.comOpens new window in April/May.

Smart people who know how to get smarter

We are looking for young talents with high grades, a strong interest in financial markets as well as high work ethics and the drive to succeed. We offer student positions in all business areas so whether your interest and core skill is financial modelling, auditing, financial analysis or IT, we probably have a job that suits you.

Professionally you are most likely studying finance, economics or mathematics and have two or three years left to graduation when you start.

Most students are hired during the spring to replace those who graduate over the summer, but occasionally we also hire students at other times of the year. Our open positions are normally posted on where you can sign up and be notified when positions that have your interest are announced.

Even if you don’t have a connection to Nordea Markets we are open to helping a few ambitious students on their master's thesis.

Nordea is open for different kinds of partnerships. We could serve just as a vendor of data in some cases and in others you might be linked to a mentor. The approach could be that you have an idea or problem you want to investigate or we might have identified a theme you can work on.