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From student to future professional

At Nordea Markets in Finland we believe in talent and in great relationships. This is why we find most of our junior employees through our own internship programme. Want to join our team? Read about what it takes and how to apply.

A head start to your career

Whether you have recently graduated or are about to graduate, we offer an exciting opportunity to those at the start of their career. You will work with some of the greatest talents in the industry while gaining experience and developing your interpersonal skills. We offer training and challenging tasks throughout the summer to ensure a steep learning curve. On top of that, you will build a large network in the Finnish financial sector.

To begin with you will be assigned to a department within Nordea Markets from May throughout September. From day one, you will be an integral part of the team and move towards customer contact and trade execution. You will also take part in summer projects with other FFPs.

Meet our people

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Front Office

We offer a great variety of different roles for our interns. Your personal motivation, ambition and skills are key when we consider you for different roles. We want to leverage your talent and help you to meet your career objectives which is why we are committed to the constant evolution of our staff.

The roles we offer are unique combinations of the below, and we encourage and nurture you in order to develop skills widely in them, depending on your level of ambition.

You will collaborate on challenging projects with stakeholders varying from other summer interns to our top management and experts outside of Markets. Projects will vary in length and size and you will gain vast experience in our business processes from our experts and help us to create new ways to deliver great customer experiences.

You will learn the tools and concepts needed through an intensive training period that starts on your very first day. After that, you will shift into execution mode, delivering professional advice to our real internal and external customers in cooperation with your colleagues.  

You will start to gain experience and knowledge in a well-defined business segment. You will learn from our experts and should take ownership of your own learning as the ultimate goal is that, later on your career, you are the one who is teaching others in your respective field. You will work in close co-operation with our sales managers, customers and other internal stakeholders.


Middle Office (Finance & Risk Control)

FRC’s offers several challenging job opportunities in the valuation, accounting, risk and capital domain. A high motivation, engaged attitude and an eagerness to learn are driving success factors for the job. The broad set of skills and competences that you will pick up during your internship will make you a valuable asset in the market of financial professionals.

Controllers are characterized by having excellent IT competences and a general curiosity towards data (information), products, and capital markets business. During your summer internship, you will gain valuable insights into how Nordea Markets’ products work and behave from a valuation-, accounting-, risk- and capital perspective. FRC is a place for people who are interested to learn how things really work.

Our Organization
Future Finance Professional interns in FRC will be employed in one of the following sections:

·         Financial Control
·         Valuation Control
·         Product Control
·         Risk & Capital Control

Smart people who know how to get smarter

Generally, we expect you to be a top performer in your Masters level studies, but more than anything we are looking for the right attitude and aptitude. You need to be confident, self-motivated and be in the right mind-set for constant improvement and personal development.

Here are few examples of traits that will help you shine:

  • Great social and communication skills
  • Analytical and quantitative problem-solving skills
  • A keen interest in financial markets
  • Excellent verbal and written English
  • Ability to work and make decisions under pressure
  • Strong personal integrity
  • The drive to deliver great customer experiences




The application period for Future Finance Professional (FFP) summer programme 2017 has ended. Next application period will be in fall 2017 – stay tuned.  

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