Meet our people

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Meet some of the people that make up Nordea Markets

Our people come from different educational backgrounds, and they all offer something unique to the company. Here, some of them talk about their work and challenges at our Helsinki office.

Leena Poikolainen

Work Location: Helsinki
Born: 1988
Education: M.Sc. Economics
Career area: FX/MM Sales, Sales Manager

"The best thing at my work is the international and fast-paced working environment"

Position description

As a sales manager I hold independent responsibility for a client portfolio and make assessments in connection with the performance of specific tasks.

My own description

I work in FX & MM sales mainly speaking to Finnish corporates. I handle the daily foreign exchange flow of my customers as well as help them to identify their foreign currency risks and construct suitable hedging solutions for them. I work in close contact with our Research and Advisory & Solutions teams to be able to analyse our customers’ risk profiles comprehensively and ensure a top-notch service. On the money market side, I act as an intermediate between issuers and investors, aiming to match the demand and supply. In addition to this, I construct different deposit structures to boost up the low interest rates.

Outside my job

When I am not at work I spend time with my friends and do a lot of sports. Whenever possible, I also try to make as much time for travelling as I can.


I started as an associate sales manager in the FFP programme in the spring of 2012. After the summer, I continued working part-time while finishing my studies at the Aalto University School of Business. Now I’ve been working full-time since the summer of 2013. I’ve been a part of the FX/MM Products team the whole time, however, moving between different tasks inside the team. I’ve worked with smaller retail banking customers, then transferred to take co-responsibility for the money market business and recently I’ve received my own portfolio of corporate customers. During these past couple of years, I’ve been offered new responsibilities and been able to develop and challenge myself constantly.

I feel that I’m encouraged to reach out to my career goals and my personal development is well supported. In addition to the constant development, the best things at my work is the international and fast-paced working environment and my colleagues, who make working fun even at the most hectic times.

Ahti Koskilahti

Work Location: Helsinki
Born: 1988
Education: M.Sc.
Career area: Analyst in Investment Banking

"If I were a samurai, both Excel and PowerPoint would be my trusted samurai swords"

The position

The analysts form the foundation for much of our work. Analysts provide the research that key decisions in our Investment Banking Advisory are based on and also make independent assessments within their areas of expertise. Responsibilities include training of assistant analysts.

My job

As an analyst at Nordea Investment Banking Advisory I’m exposed to the key disciplines of corporate finance, such as mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buy-outs, initial public offerings and other equity offerings. We often work in small teams of two to five members. There’s a lot of responsibility and hard work, but the reward is the chance to work on high-impact transactions. It’s well worth the effort.

My typical workday

My days are usually packed with conference calls and different kinds of meetings with company boards and senior management. Before, between and after these calls and meetings, I’m preparing in-depth analysis material on which our clients base their key decisions. That’s what I hope, at least. One banker once compared investment bankers to samurais. If I were a samurai, both Excel and PowerPoint would be my trusted samurai swords.

Outside my job

I spend a lot of time with family and friends. During the summer I spend most of my free time on a golf course and winter holidays are reserved for ice hockey and gym workouts. It’s great to use your body sometimes.

The best thing about being here

Being one of the largest Nordic banks gives you many advantages in terms of recognition and resources. As an integrated investment bank we can offer our clients a package deal of financing, advisory and other related services - something that helps make my daily job easier and more efficient.