Meet our management


Kenneth Steengaard

Managing Director, Head of Nordea Markets FICC

"I come from a background of quantitative research and IT development, and began my career in that rather hybrid space. There weren't many of us doing this at the time. "

"I studied mathematics and economics at the University of Southern Denmark, and this could have led me anywhere, but my interests steered me into the financial world where I got passionate about how technology was creating an exciting new era for financial markets. Back then all sorts of new digital possibilities opened up, and I wanted to be at the frontline of this."

"I started with what was to become Nordea Markets as an analyst and eventually became head of research. I enjoyed this change from a very detailed profile of quantitative research and programming into a broader management profile."

"At the start of the new millennium, I took charge of developing our internet based offering on financial products, and in 2007 I then added the responsibility for foreign exchange and money markets trading.”

“In November 2015 I took on the responsibility for heading the FICC franchise - in the midst of massive regulatory changes and changing markets structures. And that is truly a challenge which I am humble about, and at the same time it is also interesting and developing“

"Leading change and staying ahead of things is what I like. Doing something that is tangible and seeing great ideas turn around and take off, is to me a great thing to experience. "

"And there continues to be exciting revolutions happening in the financial markets that I enjoy being a part of. The 'electronification' of the business continues to excite and fascinate me, and finding new opportunities in the significant changes the entire financial industry is current undergoing is a super interesting challenge."

"The important thing about Nordea Markets, to me, is that we operate with a mind-set that is different from the operational norm. Our approach is to delve deeper into the complexities of our customers' business problems and their risk exposures to create stronger assurances and better solutions for them."

"That is our core philosophy at Nordea - one that really sets us apart. We hire the best people and build great systems, but it's more than just that production model, it's a fully sustainable customer-facing business model. And unlike many other banks, it sews a continuing thread into our every action - ensuring that what is important to our customers is important to us."

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Gorm Praefke

Managing Director
Co-Head of Nordea Markets Equities

"What I find very exciting about the equity business is that you need to understand the dynamics of not only the general market momentum but you also need to understand what drives the specific sector and company. To ensure, that I'm fully updated, I find adequate support and valuable insight in the products from our strong research team, who constantly follow the Nordic sectors and companies."

"My other passion is history and specifically corporate history. Seeking to comprehend what has brought a company to its current position, and understanding the dynamics and how the corporate and the management have worked with the different challenges, I find very fascinating."

"To really know and understand a companies' management team is also essential as an investor, and that's why Markets Equities arranges numerous corporate events, enabling our customers to meet managements from key Nordic corporates."

"What I find very rewarding is matching our customers' specific needs and expectations with the right competences from us. Being the biggest corporate banking unit in the Nordics means we are able to work closer with our customers."

"My equity experience is quite a complete package. When I finished my degree from the Copenhagen Business School I took a job within the industry, and I've been with equities ever since. I wasn't necessarily aiming toward investment banking then, but if I should start all over, I would do exactly the same."

"My first job was trading on the floor at the exchange for Andelsbanken. Lateron, I moved to sales and then became Head of Equities. As the bank merged into Unibank and then Nordea I have remained in different management positions within equities."

"On a Nordic level, Nordea Markets Equities is number one, and we are constantly improving our local positions to secure top ratings with our customers in all of the four Nordic markets."

"As we are seeing dramatic changes in the equity space, we are also constantly redefining and developing our offering. That is a challenge for the whole equity industry but Nordea is in an extremely strong position as the biggest Nordic corporate bank with a strong team with excellent competences in all areas of the value chain and that is what makes a big difference."

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Martin A. Persson

Managing Director
Co-Head of Nordea Markets Equities

"My biggest passion is to service our institutional and corporate customers in the best possible way with the best possible people. People and customers is what it’s all about. Markets Equities is probably the team within our Wholesale bank with the most customer contact. We take part in around 400-500 customer meetings per month across our Nordic- and International customer regions, why we in many ways represent the Nordea brand in the most intense and aggressive way."

"To see our team come together and perform and deliver the best service towards our customers - including Fund managers in the long-only and hedge fund industry as well as top executives at our corporate customers where we facilitate Liquidity, Corporate Access and Equity Finance - that's what gets me fired up with excitement about this industry and profession."

"Stockbroking is a 125 year old profession and often considered as the heart of the capital market. Here, corporates, individuals and institutions have managed to seek capital for expansionary growth, M&A and ECM for many decades, and on the back of the long and conclusive history, in Markets Equities we feel we contribute to doing something good for the economy, and are proud, yet humble to be able to ensure and facilitate growth."

"I joined Nordea in late 2012 and have always worked with the Equity market, going back to the late nineties. I've worked in London, where I serviced UK and US investors for investments in the Nordic region. Before that I studied engineering and economics in the US and in Sweden, and in my spare time I had the stock market as my hobby, starting already in my early teenage years."

"Leadership is for me to unlock peoples potential to constantly improve and perform. Although regulatory and structural challenges seem to prevail, I believe Nordea has by far the best prerequisite to become the leading Equities house in the Nordics. I’m extremely proud to be part of this team where we have high ambitions to seriously challenge the legacy blocks of this market."