Find yourself or your staff doing the same tasks over and over again? Looking for a smarter way of managing negative balances in your cash pool? We have built FXBox - your Treasury autopilot.

You set the rules and we manage your cash pool automatically

FXBox is our new smart FX risk and liquidity management solution that helps you switch part of your hedging or treasury policy into autopilot mode.

It's fully automated and easily configurable to keep track of your foreign account balances. It automatically tops them up when negative or reduces them when positive. Instead of monitoring your bank accounts daily and moving liquidity around, why not set FXBox into autopilot mode and let it manage your foreign currency exposure for you?

FXBox is for you, if you are looking to:

  • Automate low value and routine tasks
  • Manage FX risk in real-time
  • Minimise operational risk and free up resources


FXBox converts your foreign currency balances to your home currency





We are currently working with a few selected customers in pilot phase. Please contact your Nordea Cash Management Advisor or  connectivitysales@nordea.com if you'd like to learn more about FXBox.