Index products

Nordea Markets aims to be the recognised leader for index products in Northern Europe.

We create a wide range of index products for investing and hedging purposes

                     Investible indices                          Benchmark indices

Our index development team creates customised solutions for variety of risk and return profiles. We produce a wide range of flexible index solutions from pure beta exposure to alpha style strategies in all liquid underlying markets, both for single asset as well as cross asset exposures.

The indices can be used either as benchmarks or as underlying units of trading instruments. Our team has extensive experience to ensure that indices are constructed to achieve low cost and efficient execution based on the most liquid underlying instruments.

What we can do for you:

  • Index products for investment and hedging solutions
  • Benchmark indices for efficient tracking of different markets
  • Custom strategies with single asset or cross asset exposure
  • Develop both alpha and beta strategies as per risk and return needs