e-Markets overview

Whether you are trading, investing or need hedging and risk management solutions, e-Markets is the user-friendly and efficient portal to make the right financial decisions. In other words, e-Markets is your direct access to our trading floor.

Our skilled development team combines business- and IT expertise and all work is done on the trading floor in close dialogue with Sales, Research and Trading to ensure that features and services match real business needs.

In order to ensure the best experience for you, we ensure that our sales experts are fully equipped to support you by using e-Markets themselves on a daily basis.

Including possibility to narrow your research deliveries down to keywords, analysts and content areas of your choice.
Designed by experts in electronic FX trading, the e-Markets Trading platform provides you with an efficient, versatile and reliable gateway to the FX markets.
A suite of financial tools designed to fulfil your daily financial analysis needs.
Our FIX engine supports different trading scenarios, including trading on streaming FX spot prices.