My Nordea Markets

My Nordea Markets is a new feature in e-Markets Nexus, providing you with easy access to a selection of online services.

Find more information below on the services currently offered. Going forward, we will provide you with more services as we believe our customers should always have easy access to the information they need.

Contact us on how to get access to My Nordea Markets.

My Nordea Markets allows you to view your trade documents including trade confirmations, payment advices and rate resets.


For some trades you are required to sign and return the trade document to Nordea Markets. These documents are available for download as a PDF within the trade document service on Nexus.


Go to e-Markets Nexus and access Trade Documents.

Product & risk descriptions explain specific financial products and the risk associated with trading the products. On this page, your company’s product & risk descriptions are shown. For some product & risk descriptions, we require a confirmation that you have read the document and understand the risk when trading that specific product.

My Nordea Markets allows you to read product & risk descriptions and sign off on receipt.

Go to e-Markets Nexus and access Product & Risk Descriptions.

Agreements, such as ISDA or Nordea Master, define the framework under which your company or companies trade with Nordea.

Go to e-Markets Nexus and access your agreements.

My Nordea Markets allows you to access your Portfolio Reconciliation and Dispute Resolution (PRDR) report online (PRDR reports are not applicable to all customers).

Located in the ‘Report Centre’ these reports are published in both PDF and Excel format. You are advised when a new report is published via email.

Access to the PRDR report online can be granted via contacting your Sales Manager in Nordea Markets.