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Nordea Analytics is a suite of professional financial tools, designed to add value to financial decision making. The tools have been developed in close collaboration with sales, research and trading at Nordea Markets.

Hence Nordea Analytics is designed to fulfil the daily financial analysis needs in Nordea Markets as well as the needs of our customers.

Nordea Analytics addresses your daily need for financial analysis tools.

Whether you need sophisticated analysis tools - or just data to illustrate your point. Whether you would like a picture of the risk across your portfolio - or simply a couple of key figures for a particular instrument. Whether you want a ready-made tool for analysing the quality of your hedge – or you just need to get hold of some discount factors.

Nordea Analytics helps you figure it out.

Nordea Analytics runs on servers at Nordea. This means that you do not need to worry about installing it on your own machine nor about upgrades. We will take care of everything to do with installation.

If you are already an e-Markets user, all you need to run Nordea Analytics is an installation of Citrix which allows you to log on to the Nordea server and work on our server from your desktop.

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