One Click trading gives you the edge in FX markets

Nordea Markets One Click Trading

Nothing should stand between you and instant execution

One Click Trading in Nordea e-Markets gives you streaming live FX spot prices covering all major currency pairs that are available to trade with the ease of just one click.

Request for quote (RFQ) functionality remains fully supported but for those to who want to react within fractions of a second when chasing the best price in volatile markets, One Click trading is an essential tool.

With One Click trading you get highly advanced pricing and order execution technology in a low-latency trading environment with real-time prices and optimal order execution rate. Combine this with a high fill rate, large volumes and no partial fills and you have the assurance that the price you see is the price you will get.

Customised predefined amounts allow you to switch rapidly between levels of interest and changes to amounts are instantly reflected in the pricing to ensure you have the correct price on your screen at all times. Time consuming trade specifications and quote requests are things of the past.

A comprehensive suite of configuration options gives you full control over platform behaviour, from execution style (single or double click) to confirmation type and colour scheme.

Contact your personal sales manager now to get started with One Click trading in e-Markets.

Guide for getting started with One Click trading in e-Markets PDF