e-Markets Trading

Nordea e-Markets trading offers an extensive suite of FX trading services and direct access to FX liquidity. Designed by experts in electronic FX trading, the e-Markets trading platform provides you with an efficient, versatile and reliable gateway to the FX markets backed by the strength of Nordea's liquidity.

Key features of the e-Markets trading platform include excellent price distribution services with executable streaming prices, market-leading pricing, outstanding execution capabilities, efficient handling of straight through processing (STP) and renowned stability. A wide range of connectivity options and intelligent pricing gives you access to Nordea's liquidity anywhere and anytime - even in highly volatile markets.

Nordea e-Markets trading leverages our position as a highly rated, market-leading FX liquidity provider in the Scandinavian currencies and gives you comprehensive access to liquidity in all the major currencies.

With more than 800 currency pairs and streaming executable FX spot rates in 50 currency pairs, Nordea e-Markets trading is everything you need in one FX trading platform.

Discover how e-Markets trading gives you the competitive edge.

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Whether you prefer trading via multi-bank platforms or using Nordea's direct connection to in-house systems, request for quote (RFQ) trading in FX forwards, FX swaps and deposits or executable streaming spot prices, Nordea e-Markets has an option to suit your needs.

Nordea e-Markets provides liquidity on the following FX trading platforms:

• FXall FXall

• 360T 360T

• Bloomberg FX <GO> Bloomberg


We offer state-of-the-art connectivity using the industry standard, FIX protocol. Our FIX engine supports a variety of different trading scenarios, including trading on streaming FX spot prices, and our team of technical experts will provide complete support and integration assistance.

Contact Nordea Connectivity Sales in order to access our market-leading pricing and liquidity in Scandinavian currencies by connecting via our FIX API.

Our algorithmic pricing engine combined with access to real-time spreads in the FX markets gives you very competitive prices in the major and Scandinavian currencies.

Nordea is one of the biggest liquidity providers in the Scandinavian currencies, making it possible to offer you market-leading prices. In the major currencies, our highly advanced proprietary algorithms makes it possible to price competitively as well.

Extensive internalisation, especially in the Scandinavian currencies, ensures that a negligible footprint is left in the market – a reassurance for large organisations making large transactions.

Our technically advanced framework and low-latency infrastructure ensures the price you see is the price you get and guarantees high order fill rates.

Our team of dedicated specialists ensure maximum stability in our trading environment.

Real-time automated monitoring guarantees you get a trustworthy trading environment.